Light colored t-shirt personalized with Topcut (FC TOPCUT3V)


Self-weeding transfer paper - No Cut


Topcut (code FC TOPCUT3V) is a Shock Line SELF-WEEDING (No Cut) one step transfer paper for light colored fabrics for CMYK and CMYW toner laser printers. Ideal for texts and drawings with flat or gradient colors. Transfers only printed parts.



Product Description

Topcut – SELF-WEEDING transfer paper for light fabrics – One step


Topcut is printed with standard or white toner laser printer. Ideal for flat or gradient colors. Transfer only printed parts.

is a user-friendly self-weeding transfer paper Shock line for light colored fabrics. It only transfers the toner colored parts giving a screen print effect. It’s ideal with CMYK or CMYW toner laser printers. Topcut with CMYK and CMYW (White OFF) laser printers perfectly cuts out letters and designs with full colors to images with gradients except for very light colors (screening up to 30%). With CMYW (White ON) laser printers cuts out images with gradients up to white.

Topcut gives super performances with TOPWEED, the new technology for printing t-shirts with No Cut texts and drawings, saving up to 80% compared to plotter cut technology and giving you far better results. Without having to weed, it transfers multicolored and complex graphics, very thin details and fancy fashionable effects with perfect color matching. All your colors in one click. Topcut, thanks to TOPWEED SW tools, with CMYK and CMYW (White OFF) laser printers ensures the best cut out results with light or hard colors and with CMYW (White ON) laser printers ensures brightest colors and lowest toner consumption at the same time.

Topcut is suitable for cotton and other natural or synthetic white or light fabrics.

CMYK laser printer: OKI ES6410/C610 (A4) – ES6412/C612 (A4) – ES7411/C711 (A4) – ES8431/C831 (A3) – ES8433/C833
CMYW laser printer (White Toner): 
OKI ES7411WT/C711WT/PRO7411WT (A4) -ES9420WT/C920WT/PRO9420WT (A3)

Plastified silicon paper – code AU CFC POLSIL (included in the packet)

In mirror mode

Pneumatic press: 180°C for 15″-20″ – pressure 3atm
Manual press: 180°C for 15″-20″ – medium pressure

40°C – Inside out

Inside out


  • 100/A4 FC TOPCUT3V sheets (included in the box 10 sheets A4 of Plastified silicom paper AU CFC POLSIL)
  • 100/A3 FC TOPCUT3V sheets (included in the box 10 sheets A3 of Plastified silicom paper AU CFC POLSIL)
  • KIT Demo 10/A4 FC TOPCUT3V sheets (included in the box 2 sheets A4 of Plastified silicom paper AU CFC POLSIL)
  • KIT Demo 10/A3 FC TOPCUT3V sheets (included in the box 2 sheets A3 of Plastified silicom paper AU CFC POLSIL)

For further information, instructions and warningsdownload the form.

Additional Information

Weight kg
Dimensions N/A

A3 10 sheets, A3 100 sheets, A4 10 sheets, A4 100 sheets


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