Shock Line is…


Shock Line’s story is based on ideas, research and total commitment to work. These fundamental conditions made Shock Line grow and become top player in the production and marketing of digital printing media.

Shock Line started manufacturing transfer paper over 25 years ago and is today a leading manufacturer of the most advanced transfer papers on the market and holds a very wide range of transfers for light and coloured fabrics, PVC, synthetic and genuine leather, wood, metal and many other materials.

Research and development experts have created patented technology, top class, user/printer friendly transfer papers and advanced custom-printing techniques.

Shock Line’s outstanding quality prevents transfer papers from peeling, cracking, lifting, and deteriorating during normal wear and washing. Transfers stretch, move and breathe. They’ve been especially developed to give bright colours, great washing durability and extremely thin and soft decorations.

Tranfers for leather and wood leave a very natural touch due to an extremely light and thin film. Shock Line also produces excellent transfers for aluminum and glass or other hard surfaces and fine water-slide decals when heat-pressing is not possible (toys, candles, plastic, models, etc).

Shock Line’s last frontier is the White Toner World. It is Italy’s exclusive distributor for OKI ES white toner printers and for this reason has launched a range of exclusive dedicated transfer papers like self-weeding transfers for white or colored fabrics, metal, cardboard and much more. Shock Line also provides a RIP for perfect color management and best performances with the White Toner printers.

Shock Line transfer papers in rolls for eco-solvent printing plotters are renowned in Italy and abroad. Besides transfers for printing on fabrics, leather and wood Shock Line now produces professional water slide decals for industrial purposes and the amazing PS FRESCO for digital wall, ceiling and floor decoration.

Shock Line  is currently working on a new line of heat flex films. What makes them special is the extremely glossy finish. Accurate cutting and weeding even for very small lettering. A special transparent version of these films can be printed with an ecosolvent plotter before cutting. Ideal for fashion wear.

Shock Line “builds ideas” by concentrating forces towards research, know-how and skill. It is also technical assistance, workshops and specific training, customer care, fast deliveries and ideas to promote your business.

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